The kindness of Scottish people: Interview of DFG-LFA teaching assistant Emily Harris


Watch Camäléon journalist Katharina Büch interviewing Emily Harris: This school year’s DFG-LFA teaching assistant is talking about surprises during the Covid crisis, Scottish people’s sense of community and students’ level of English at our school. Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehenEn cliquant sur la vidéo, tu acceptes la communication avec le site de YouTube. Plus d’infos dans la déclaration de protection des données.

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« Trump administration one of the worst in US history » – Interviews with American citizens

The whole world has followed the presidential election in the USA, but what do American citizens think about it? We asked three of them to share their opinion with us: James (50), civil engineer from Missouri, Brad (31), PhD student of history from Tennessee and Douglas (46) from Colorado. Camäléon: Would you mind telling us who you voted for? Are you happy with the outcome of the election? James: I voted for Biden/Harris. I am happy with the outcome, although […]

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Sewing: a dirty business ? – (Un)fair clothes

Fair clothes

Where do you buy your clothes? H&M? Or Primark? Have you ever wondered where they come from? Most clothes are made in Asian countries like China, India and Bangladesh. It is well known that the workers barely get enough money to feed themselves and their family. There are multiple organisations that try to help, but most people choose to ignore it. The average wage of a sewer per month is 10 euros or even less. The workers, who are mostly […]

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 »Alright, I AM the Messiah! Now FUCK OFF! » Monty Python and their humour: a short portrait

Life Of Brian

Easter is arriving, and with it come not only various sweets and oversized bunnies, but also the great art form of satiric comedy. And of course, the first people that come to mind on that subject are Monty Python and their masterpiece Life of Brian. Released in 1979, the movie is still regarded as a classic of 70s cinema and even today the source of a lot of controversy. The heavy satirical criticism of religion, especially Judaism and Christianity, has […]

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The word of the week: Valentine

Chocolate, roses, cards, paper hearts – these are the things that come into the mind of most people when they hear the word « Valentine », but what is Valentine really about? Well, this whole Valentine thing comes from Saint Valentine, a man who lived in Rome a very long time ago and who was martyred because of his Christian faith. So, later in the 18th century people started celebrating his feast day (the 14th of February) by sending Valentine cards or […]

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The Green Knight: another great performance from the White Horse Theatre!

White Horse Theatre at DFG: The Green Knight

On 15th November, we had a theatre group in our school. It was the White Horse Theatre who come and perform plays every year. This year, they came to perform The Green Knight to all 7th graders, one of the adventures of the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The play has nine roles and was played by four actors. It takes place first in King Arthur’s court where King Arthur and his two knights, Sir […]

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Internationale Schule im Saarland

Seit April gibt es die öffentliche Diskussion, eine internationale Schule in Saarbrücken zu errichten. Der Vorschlag kam aus Wirtschaft und Forschung und wird abseits der Öffentlichkeit schon erarbeitet. Doch warum braucht man eine internationale Schule? Wie wird sie realisiert und was sind die Grundeigenschaften einer solchen Schule? Die Idee Das Saarland prosperiert im IT-Bereich. Die Eröffnung des Helmholtz-Zentrums für Informationssicherheit steht bevor und erneut wurde die Forderung aufgegriffen, eine internationale Schule in Saarbrücken zu errichten. Der Direktor des Institutes, Prof. […]

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White Horse Theatre – A Shakespeare play at our school

White Horse Theatre

As most of you should know, a group of British actors called the White Horse Theatre came to our school to perform Shakespeare’s famous play A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the multipurpose room of our school. The play is a romantic comedy and was written in 1595 by the Bard, aka William Shakespeare. The plot basically is a love story revolving around Hermia and her lover Lysander, among an awful lot of characters, which makes it actually quite hard to […]

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Homeschooling or School ? What is better (more comfortable)?


Do you like to wake up early in the morning? Don’t you wish instead to stay in your warm, cozy bed? Do you know that there exists a school that takes place at home? Yes, it sounds weird, but it exists in North Carolina, USA. Now, you’re probably thinking, »If this school takes place at home, who is the teacher? » or « What specific subjects do you learn? » All of these questions are about to be answered in the paragraph below. My teacher was […]

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One year abroad – useful or pointless?

Year abroad

Going abroad for one year or doing an exchange year is a decision which affects your whole life. You can go to the USA, the land of unlimited opportunity, or to Canada, for instance. But what are the advantages and the disadvantages of going abroad for one year? When you decide to do a year abroad, you have to look for an organisation who will look for a host family and a school for you. You can always choose which […]

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