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Chinese Lantern Festival: What amazing lights look like in China’s biggest city

Chinese Lantern Festival
Photo: 朱建平

The 24th of February was the Chinese Lantern festival. The date changes every year for us because Chinese people have another calendar, even though most Chinese people that I know use the international one! During the Lantern Festival, we use, of couse, lanterns in this festival. And they are absolutely amazing. There is some food that we eat often during this festival. Like 饺子 and 汤圆. 饺子 (jiao zi) are dumplings that we often eat in China, even when there aren’t any festivals. I believe some of you know this one already. 汤圆 (tang yuan) on the other hand, is mostly only eaten in this festival. It’s boiled balls of glutinous rice flour. There are also flavors in it, but there are too many to count. My personal favorite is with the red bean paste filling or sesame filling. I know that it might sound strange and disgusting, but it tastes very good! You should try it out! In the biggest city of China, Shanghai, there are lots of beautiful lanterns and dragons. Sadly, the dragon dances are mostly during new year.

Would you eat those dumplings and boiled balls if possible? Which one would you try out first?

Arto Tchalikian

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