Le journal en ligne des élèves du Lycée Franco-Allemand de Sarrebruck

The DFG school orchestra – 1 hour and 15 minutes of musical fun

School orchestra at DFG-LFA
School orchestra at DFG-LFA (Photo: S. Pfefferle)

Monday, 1:15 pm. The end-of-day bell rings. In a couple of seconds the school yard is full. Everyone except 20 pupils rush to the exit. But where do these twenty go? After eating, they go fetch music instruments. These twenty pupils have one thing in common – they are united by the love of music.

The orchestra is led by Herr Stark. Under his command are: 3 first violins, 6 second violins, a viola, 3 celli, a double bass, 3 flutes, an oboe, a French horn, a clarinet, and a pianist. Every age and grade is represented: we have fifth-graders, terminale students and two teachers (Mme Soria and Frau Bender-Rauguth). We don’t always play the right notes, but it is one thing to listen to music, and another to be in the orchestra playing it.

If you want to sign up, don’t wait: ask your music teacher as soon as you can. See you on Monday!

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