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Homeschooling or School ? What is better (more comfortable)?

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Do you like to wake up early in the morning? Don’t you wish instead to stay in your warm, cozy bed?

Do you know that there exists a school that takes place at home? Yes, it sounds weird, but it exists in North Carolina, USA. Now, you’re probably thinking, »If this school takes place at home, who is the teacher? » or « What specific subjects do you learn? » All of these questions are about to be answered in the paragraph below.

My teacher was my mom, and my dad did Latin with me (and my sister) on the weekends. My mom ordered books for homeschooling (or for school) on a specific website. The subjects that I studied with my mom were math, history, Ukrainian, English, religion, social studies and science.

I really miss homeschooling because now I have to wake up at 7:00 (I go to a public school), I don’t get to see my mom that much, and there are a lot of tests in my school (Deutsch-Französisches Gymnasium)! So, overall I miss homeschool, but like everyone else who is experiencing something new, I’m getting used to my new school in Germany.

Do you prefer homeschooling or going to a regular school?

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